Premium Bath Salts


Our Premium Bath Salts are formulated with your specific self-care needs in mind. Made with premium salts and high quality dried flowers, each mixture is designed to maximize the health and beauty benefits of its components.  Choose from 10 different blends:

Calm - a comforting mixture of jasmine and forget-me-not flowers combined with Himalayan pink salt and epsom salt

Clarify - a purifying combination of peony and lotus blossoms with Dead Sea salt and detoxifying Himalayan pink salt

Cool - a refreshing blend of chrysanthemum and rose petals mixed into soothing epsom salt

Glow - a vibrant meld of osmanthus and violet flowers coupled with skin-stimulating sea salt

Hydrate - a quenching mix of roselle and amaranth blended with epsom salt

Rejuvenate - revitalizing sophora and lotus blossoms combined with cleansing sea salt

Relax - a stress-relieving blend of lavender, jasmine, Himalayan pink salt, and epsom salt 

Revive - invigorating peppermint leaves paired with sophora flowers and Dead Sea salt

Soothe - a pleasant mixture of dried rose and lavender, mixed into Himalayan pink salt and pain-relieving epsom salt

Unwind - a restful combination of chamomile and calendula flowers matched with soothing epsom and pink salts