Treat Your Body, Inc 2019

For those of you familiar with TREAT YOUR BODY Inc, you might have noticed a minor change.  Yes, my husband and I, Randy & Debbie Kotalik, have acquired the full rights of this business from Brenda Fields and her husband in early 2014.  

Since then, we have enjoyed a very interesting as well as an exhausting year in managing this new business.  The need to quickly review and improve methods so the products continue to deliver the consistency and continuity you expect is our primary objective.  In addition to maintaining this objective, we will introduce new products from time to time.  Keeping our new business evolving, and improving our line of products, will definitely enhance your experience with TREAT YOUR BODY, Inc.  

The success of any business is dependent on satisfying clients on every level.  Our ultimate goal is to achieve total satisfaction from our loyal clients as well as future ones.  We can not thank you enough for your loyalty and sincerely hope you will continue to enjoy our all natural skin care products. 

Debbie Kotalik
Managing Director/Owner